Rambling Round Reading #2

This is the index to a number of photos which will act as clues to the Rambling Round Reading #2 cache. Each page will clearly prove whether you've got the right answer.

The reason there is an index page is to prevent you seeing all the answers at once !

It is not a requirement of the puzzle that you visit the clues in any particular order - but the order below gives perhaps the shortest route.

  1. PH
  2. MH
  3. WS
  4. PC
  5. CC
  6. AH
  7. TD
  8. GW
  9. BH
  10. RL
  11. FF
  12. WS
  13. CS
  14. TH
  15. FS
  16. SR


I'm not showing the final cache site - that would be too easy!