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Since joining the University of the 3rd Age (U3A) I have been involved in two areas which warrant having a few web pages: Local History and Historic Pathways (and then Walks into History).

Thames Valley Network - Historic Pathways

The project involved U3A members across the Thames Valley Network, researching into local footpaths and their history, to be followed by walks along the paths. 
The idea was that the research should be done during the winter months and the walks in the nicer weather.
The Berkshire Record Office gave us guidance on how to use the maps and other material which they hold. Some people might want to do research and go on the walks; some might want to do one or the other.

The U3A web site has a blog and all the information about the walks is held on a separate website.

1) A study day was held at Henley on 14th March 2013, at the River and Rowing Museum.. There were two guided local walks in the afternoon but I took part in another parallel session and also took some general photos of the event.

2) On 17th July 2013 Peter Hetherington led a walk from Aston Rowant. I was not able to join this walk but had done the route twice earlier in the year. A combination set of photos from these two walks can be seen here.

3) On 29th July 2013 the Wombwells led a walk from Finchampstead. I joined that walk but didn't take any photos on the day. I retraced the route on 12th September and have collected a few photos of the same route.

4) On 31st July 2013 Ian Clarkson led a walk from Uffington. I took part in that walk and have some photos taken on the day.

5) A study day was held at Shillingford on 25th September 2013, at the Hotel. There were several talks in the morning. There were two guided local walks in the afternoon and these are a few photos of the Wittenham Clumps walk.

6) On October 18th 2013, I led a walk round Broadmoor. In a pre-walk talk I gave out a route map (JPG, 2Mb), a comparison of the area in 1830 and 1910 (JPG, 2Mb) and some notes on the history of the area (PDF, 15Kb)
If you want to DIY, there's also a set of directions (HTML), which references an associated annotated map (PDF, 2Mb) (and a small version (JPG, 600Kb)), but these won't be needed by those being led !
Some photographs of the route are available to tempt those who couldn't make it on the day.
A repeat trip is scheduled for March 2014.

7) Here are details of the second walk I researched - around Shiplake.

8) Here's a link to a 3-page PDF about the walk round Hurst.

9) Here's a link to a 2016 update on the Broadmoor walk documentation.

The project finished in October 2015 as a TVN project, but continued as a Wokingham group activity - see below.
There is an archive of all the walk details and maps of the project, on its own website (https://u3atvnhp.wordpress.com/)

Wokingham U3A - Walks into History

The new group has a public section on the Wokingham U3A website.

The purpose of this website is to act as a repository for directions and maps for new walks, devised since the switch from the Historic Pathways project to the new one.With many new faces in the group we are also repeating some of the Historic Pathways walks but their details are held on the TVN website (see above).

Where appropriate, I am also recording the new walks on Walkingworld. I am using the description I upload to Walkingworld, and converting the information to a PDF file, accessible in the table below. There is sometimes additional information, such as extra historical information.
I have a subscription to OS Maps, which allows me to use OS maps for the routes.

Date first walked Walk Description(s) Map(s)
6th June 2016 Reading - Three Rivers Route - Extra (history) OS map - Street map
13th July 2016 Binfield Route - Extra (history) OS Map - Street map
11th August 2016 Hambleden/Medmenham Route - Extra (places of interest) OS Map
9th June 2017

Hurley to Marlow

  OS Map
TBA Godaling to Guildford    
11th October 2017 Cookham Extra (Along the way) OS Map - Historical (1875)
3rd November 2017 Three Mile Cross   OS Map - Historical (1875)



If you have problems downloading or printing any of the documents, maps or photos let me know (top right for my email) and I can print and post you whatever you need.