U3A - Local History


The Local History group chose to update a pamphlet describing Wokingham around 1851, based on the census returns for that year. The new edition was to use the 1901 census returns and keep the same structure, to make comparisons easier. I chose to contribute the chapter entitled "PUBLIC HOUSES, INNS, BEER HOUSES AND BREWERIES". I decided after a while that I was not that interested in the research side, so with my interest in photography I took off on my own and expanded this chapter to generate a document describing all the public houses and breweries in 1901, with a photo of each place in or around 1901 and as similar a photo of the building (if it existed) in 2011.

I produced a Word document - but this being 200MB, it's a bit much for web use. I translated it to HTML so a (not very accurate) web version is here, which gives a flavour of what it's all about.