The Plough Beer House, London Road, Wokingham


Prior to the establishment of a public house called The Plough on the west side of Plough Lane, there was a Beer House on the east side of the lane. Old maps show its whereabouts, but exactly when it swapped sides of the road is not clear.

Here are some old maps to show the progression: oddly maps 2 and 3 are clearly dated incorrectly, since the second has an earlier date than the first but also shows new housing  development.


This map, published in 1883, clearly shows and names the Beer House as "The Plough".


Macintosh HD:Users:chrisfrench:Desktop:Plough:1883.jpg


This map, nominally dated 1913, shows the building, but now surrounded by others.


Macintosh HD:Users:chrisfrench:Desktop:Plough:1913.jpg

This map, nominally dated 1900, shows the new Plough Inn (since then relaunched as a Loch Fyne restaurant).  Since the time of this map the road alignment has been changed slightly, with the construction of the A329(M) and the Coppid Beech roundabout. Also the houses are now served by a lay-by and the main road therefore runs slightly further south.


Macintosh HD:Users:chrisfrench:Desktop:Plough:1900.jpg


Here's a Google view, showing the roads as they run today:


Macintosh HD:Users:chrisfrench:Desktop:Plough:new.jpg

Here's an enlarged version of this:




Here's a Street View of the lay-by. We may perhaps assume the terrace of four houses is the original Beer House, set back from those either side, as indicated on the maps.


Macintosh HD:Users:chrisfrench:Desktop:Plough:street_view.jpg