Frog Hall Drive - or Froghall Drive ?



This part of my website deals with Frog Hall Drive (FHD). An alternative spelling is Froghall Drive - and the council oddly uses both variants on the name boards at the entrance to the drive.

Which is the correct spelling ??

The premise is that there was a house, in a marshy area near where the The Three Frogs pub is now, on the main road - called Frog Hall. The area around it was called Froghall Green (and still is - though successive maps show it further east or west and sometime north or south of the main road!). This house was eventually demolished. Meanwhile, there is a substantial house at the end of a 400 yard drive, south of the main road. Its name at the time of its construction is not yet known. After being called Waterloo Lodge for many years, since the 1850's, then Frog Hall and then briefly Buzzacott House, this house was finally renamed Frog Hall. The name of the drive then became Frog Hall Drive. (Why the pub is called the Three Frogs has yet to be discovered).

Froghall Drive and Frog Hall:

The history of Frog Hall Drive and its houses are of course dominated by the history of Frog Hall. I believe that our house (No. 19) was built in 1955, but the fact that 10 different people owned Frog Hall in the last 100 years means there is MUCH more information available about its history. I am lucky that Les Rowland at No. 40 (see below) has already done a great deal of research and obtained many original documents, including an interesting set of photos of the drive, from 1954. He kindly lent all this to me for several weeks and from these, and my results from much time Googling, I have produced the following:


I had a couple of old paper Ordnance Survey maps which include Frog Hall Drive and I then started searching out others online. So far I have a collection going back a couple of hundred years - I have identified the key changes as we go further and further back. When I circulated this to other residents of the drive I had at least a dozen expressions of interest and two great sources of more detailed information (see below).

  • See my Maps Page
  • Les Rowland (No. 40):

    Les had already done quite a lot of research into the drive, but more specifically the history of No. 40, for personal reasons. The Cottage, as it was once called, has often been sold as a separate property from the hall. I have the originals of his research and have taken the generic facts from it and will be expanding them as I get more information. An interesting set of photos of the drive exist, from 1954.

  • See a copy of his original report (8 pages - PDF document)
  • Stuart Ingwell (No 47A):

    Stuart has the deeds for No. 47A and supporting maps showing the period when the hall was called Buzzacott Hall, in the late 1940s.This information relates to the area around Nos. 43/45/47 and 47A.

  • See the deeds for his house
  • My next step:

    I shall be visiting the Berkshire Records Office in Reading to do more research in 2015, to supplement what I have found online and the findings that Les and Stuart have already given me.

    Of course, if anyone can provide more information or correct errors in my work I will be extremely grateful.